For over 30 YEARS COUNTY RECORDS RESEARCH has been protecting investor's interests by providing fast, accurate foreclosure processing services on

Non-Judicial Foreclosures throughout California.

Swift and decisive action against delinquent borrowers can save you thousands of dollars. Lenders who choose to be overly lenient can unnecessarily diminish their equity position.

Why Choose County Records Research?

    Our experienced staff will guide you through every step of the foreclosure process utilizing our 40+ years of cumulative expertise in foreclosure processing.

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Start a Foreclosure

Getting started is easy! To begin the foreclosure process, please complete the following:


Fill in the requested information, click Submit and then send us a copy of your Note and Deed of Trust via Fax: (714) 846-8720 or e-mail:


Email or fax us a copy of your Note & Deed of Trust and we'll fill out your Declaration of Default and Demand for Sale and email it to you for your approval and signature.

If your loan is a 1st T.D. on a 1-4 Unit property you must comply with Civil code 2325.5 and AB 3088 and a 

"Beneficiary Declaration of Compliance"

form must be executed and faxed or emailed to CRR before a Notice of Default can be filed.

Delinquency Status and Counseling Compliance Authorization

If you would like County Records Research to perform all contact compliance procedures required per Civil code 2325.5, please fill out the Delinquency Status and Counseling Compliance Authorization above and either fax it to (714) 846-8720 or email to

Compliance services are charged as a flat fee and are due and payable upon order.

If you have any questions on completing the forms, one of our experienced staff will be happy to assist you.

Beneficiaries Warranties

In order to protect the foreclosing Lender's equity position, the following risk mitigation steps must be taken during the course of the foreclosure. Specifically:

  • Beneficiary will keep all senior liens current to prevent them from foreclosing and wiping out the foreclosing Beneficiaries Deed of Trust.
  • Notify CRR of any advances and/or expenses incurred on the property during the foreclosure.
  • Notify CRR if the Trustor requests payoff or reinstatement figures in order to ensure all Trustee fees are included.

* Please remember that all advances bear like interest as the foreclosing Note.

** It is recommended that delinquent taxes be brought current by the foreclosing lender, as the property taxes will incur penalties and interest and will pass to the final property owner.